We had been working in the short term rental industry for since 2016, as hosts ourselves, in Costa Rica. We have been in your position, and know first hand the hard work it takes, and the difficulty in finding someone as dedicated to your property as you are. 

After moving back to Israel in 2018, we converted three apartments into vacation rentals. We did everything from scratch, and our knowledge of the area and industry grew massively, soon other homeowners started to ask us for advice. 

We decided that, after several home owners asked if we would manage their properties, that we would create our own, vacation rental management company, based in Jerusalem. With plenty of tourists flocking to the lifeful holly city of Jerusalem, who wouldn’t want to rent their vacation home and make a passive income while they are away? 

We discovered that the big management groups in the area operate solely based on how many properties they can acquire and unfortunately, that can mean the standards are lower and less attention is put into each property.

That’s where we come in. With our highly specialized service you can be sure we will treat your property as our own, and as we only take on a small number of rentals per agent, more focus and attention will be directed into your rental.