10 Must vacation rental accessories your
Airbnb guest will greatly appreciate

As hosts, our goal is to provide our guest with a perfect hosting experience. 

We have put together for you 10 value products, that will put a smile on your guest’s face and be appreciated by him. 

When he will see the effort you put making his stay more comfortable, it will be much easier for him to leave you this 5 star review.      

10 little magic touches.

1. Upgrade your pillows 

Who doesn’t appreciate a good quality pillow? 

When it comes to Airbnb hosting It’s definitely a must. 

2 excellant options are feather and bamboo and we recommend king size, even if your bed is a full or a queen. 

bamboo pillows

2. Universal adapter with USB ports 

Your Airbnb guest can be British, Aussie, European or American and he will be very grateful for this adapter after he notice he forgot his.. 

The USB ports can be used to charge their phones.    


universal adapter

3. Water Filter Pitcher 

Show your guest you care about his health. 

Although tap water is safe to drink in most places its always a nice touch by the Airbnb host to leave a Water Filter Pitcher in the fridge. Make sure you change the filter every once in a while. 


4. Makeup mirror and a full length mirror 

Makeup mirror it’s not something you always pack. 

For this reason you’ll get an instant smile and appreciation when your Airbnb female guest will enter the bathroom.

Makeup miror

5. Sunrise alarm clock 

Sunrise alarm clocks are designed to work with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, our body’s internal clock, which is influenced by sunlight.

The clock can also be used as a phone charger and play a wakeup song for your guest through it.

Nice touch indeed isn’t it? 

sunrise alarm clock

6. Beach chairs 

Decent beach chairs are not packable and your guest are likely to end up spend money renting or buying them. 

If your Airbnb rental is located by a walking distance to the beach, a couple of beach chairs will show your guests you have been thinking about everything they might need. 



beach chairs

7. Umbrellas and rain coats

Essentials for raining season and your vacation rental guest probably didn’t even think about it. 

Well, good thing he’s got a caring host! 


8. Pack of cards 

Everybody love to play cards. 

Leave a pack of cards in the drawer and your guests will appreciate the gesture. 

You can also make an entertainment kit for them including Chess, Catan, Jenga or any other game you feel they will like playing.    


9. Travel coffee mugs

Coffee machine is an amenity every vacation rental must have. 

Travel coffee mug is a nice touch that goes along with it. 

Put a Coffee bag of a local brand next to it and you are on your way to a 5 star review. 

coffee mug

10. Hammock

A hammock can be placed either outside at your rentals balcony or garden or inside with a stand. 

Hammock means peace and freedom and that’s exactly what your Airbnb guest is looking for.