8 small gestures (but with a big impact)
for your Airbnb guest

Creating the perfect stay for your guests doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a luxurious place with super expensive amenities. 

Sometimes, its the small things that can leave your guests with a great memory from your place. 

We have put together for you 8 small gestures, budget-friendly ideas, that will have a great big impact on your guests and will help you giving them an Airbnb stay, they will never forget.  

Wine with 2 glasses 

A nice bottle of wine always looks good on the table.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, Just by making this gesture your guest will think highly of you. 

Make sure you leave a wine opener.  


Fruit basket 

Everybody love fresh healthy fruits right? 

So put together a fruit basket! 

Fruits don’t cost much but will be greatly appreciated by your guests.    

lovely fruit basket

Local Coffee 

We consider Coffee to be more like an essential.

Put a bag of your favorite local coffee brand so your guests can wake up in the morning and make themselves a good cup of coffee, without needing to leave your place to get one.

great coffee

Breakfast kit 

Who doesn’t like omelet in the morning? 

Provide your guests with some fresh eggs, put them in a basket, good local bread from your favorite bakery, add some tasty butter on the side and its a WOW.     


Local beer 

Imagine your guest’s happy face when he will find out you left a couple of beers for him in the fridge. 

Either your upcoming guests are 2 young Uni friends or an old married couple, beers are always an upper.

Choose a local brand to give your guests some of the local vibes.  


good beer



Provide your guests with some flowers

Especially if they are on their honeymoon but even if its not the case.  

Flowers make a great gesture and be sure it will be one of the first things they will notice when they will enter your place.

amazing flowers

Write a personal Welcome note

Our favorite gesture. 

thoughtful, carful and doesn’t cost a penny. 

Welcome them and Wish them a nice stay.

 Make sure you write everybody’s name on the note.      


personal note

local souvenir gift

Make a memorable goodbye by giving your guest a nice local Souvenir. 

A Key holder for example with the name of your city can be a nice low budget gift with a high value for your guest. 

jerusalem key holder