Success stories

Jim & Mary’s vacation apartment  

This great couple wanted to rent their vacation apartment they just bought and renovated but found it very time-consuming to handle it on themselves. 

Their high standards and special attention for the smallest details made it very challenging for us to live up to their expectations.

With time we built trust, from one reservation to another and soon Jim and Mary were able to enjoy their investment with total peace of mind. 

great great living room

Daniel’s apartment 

Daniel is a 52 years old lovely American guy that bought an apartment in central Jerusalem and didn’t want to rent it for long term. 

It was sitting most of the time empty while he was away in New York. 

The reason was simple. Daniel wanted to come and stay in his apartment whenever he wanted.

He Had no idea that his apartment can earn him $ 170 and more a day while he is away.

We helped Daniel convert his place to an Airbnb rental and got him his first reservation on the very first week of the listing. 

Soon Daniel was making more profit than what he could have earn from a long term rental and was happy to come and stay in his clean, top maintained apartment whenever he wished. 

Sarah’s Suite

Sarah’s Suite has been on the short-let market for some time now. 

As most of the homeowners are doing at first, she hired a big property management company without knowing the great deal of properties they are managing will come to her detriment.

Soon the quality of her reviews started to decrease and no 5 stars reviews were written by her guests.

After getting fewer and fewer reservations she decided to end the contract with the company and started working with us. 

Having a designated host was a new concept for Sarah and quickly she discovered its great benefits.